How accounting firms like yours are enhancing capacity by 30.6% and
increasing profits by 75.5% – in just 12 months on average

Plus, how they’re selling new services with absolute integrity

How partners are winning back control of their firm and taking more weekends off

How they’re doing work they truly love (no process driven transaction work!) and adding genuine value to their client’s lives

Revealed by the world’s foremost expert on how Accounting firms can achieve peak performance

Imagine owning the firm you really want.

A thriving business respected by your peers and absolutely loved by your clients.

An Accounting firm you look at with pride and gratitude.

A firm that affords you as little as 40 weeks per year and most weekends off to spend time with your family.

Imagine doing work that genuinely adds value to your clients’ lives, efforts clients truly appreciate that they pay you accordingly and promptly.

Imagine owning a firm that you’ve built not by default.

A business designed the way you want it. One that performs on your terms.

The Perfect Firm

For over 22 years now, our team has been advising accounting firms across the globe – to date 170,000 Accountants from 30 countries.

We’re proud to say we’ve coached some of the world’s most thriving accounting firms. And, because we continually evolve our system, the results we attain for our clients keep improving every year.

On average, our clients increase profit by 75.5%…enhance capacity by 30.6%…and achieve sustainable revenue growth of 52.1% – in just 12 months.

The ‘Perfect Firm’ is a live event my team and I are running around the world (63 events) this year. And if your firm qualifies, I promise it will be a life-transforming experience.

What I am going to share with you at ‘The Perfect Firm’ are tools and strategies you’ve never seen before. This is not your typical accounting profession tax meeting. What my team and I do for our members, nobody else in the world can do.



“I have been advising accounting firms across the globe – to date 170,000 Accountants from 30 countries.”

Discover how ‘The Perfect Firm’
has worked for these Accounting firms:

Firm Revenue Jumps to
$3 million and 69% Profit

Now A Multi-Award Winning Firm

From Startup to $11 Million Turnover

“The Growth In Business and Referrals Has Been Fantastic”

Helped Many of Their Clients Have 6-Figure Wins

Revenues Swell By 30% in 5 Months

We surveyed these firms in our program, and after 12 months of implementation, they could achieve:


Increase in Revenue
without acquisitions of fees)


Increase in Average Firm Profit
(before partner salaries)



Increase in Capacity
(without hiring any more Accountants)

Learn all of these in just 1-DAY

Establish a structured system to face disruption

Gain a 30-Point Benchmarking Checklist

Gauge your firm with an instant benchmarking test

Win back control of your firm & get more weekends off

Sell services with the highest integrity

Add genuine value to clients and be highly paid for doing what you love

Enhance your team’s capacity with an 18-Step Process

Increase profit by 75.5%, capacity by 30.6% and revenue growth by 52.1%

I invite you to join us at The Perfect Firm

Join us now at The Perfect Firm. Bring your team – they’re welcome. Spend the day with us and take full advantage of all the tools, strategies and systems we share – a business model that can yield > $1M profit per partner. And strategies that have worked for all size firms, ranging from revenue of $100K to $100M.

Come and feel and experience why so many thousands of accountants just like yourself have had their lives and business transformed at this spectacular one day training program.

As you know, tax seminars in our industry can range upwards of $500… $800 or $1,000. But you won’t have to invest anything like $500.

Or $800.

Or $1,000.

Your investment in The Perfect Firm is per our standard ticket pricing is normally $197.

Yes, $197.

Why so low? Because I want to give you every chance to attend and expose your firm to the kinds of cutting edge strategies I have to share. And the easiest way I know to do so is by keeping the ticket price as low as possible.


The Real Enemy of Today’s Accountant

By: Colin Dunn

CIO and Co-founder of PANALITIX and The Perfect Firm

Unlike most folks in small business, as accountants we’re trained to make decisions not on the upside – but on the risk profile. And so that makes us particularly resistant to change. It’s to be expected. Working with accountants for over 20 years – and as a Chartered Accountant myself – I’ve found we like to stick to what we know. Because it gives us certainty and confidence about our businesses and lives. Yet it’s also the biggest threat to our futures because we fail to adapt to what’s happening around us.

It’s the willingness to adapt that helped Alan and Tracey Woods increase their revenue by 30% in 5 months.

It’s also the same willingness that allowed Roberts and Cowling to enjoy dramatically greater referrals.

And it’s the willingness that allowed Peter Locandro to grow his revenue to £1.84 million and retain an eye opening 69% profit.

Now let’s do the same for you. Click on the link and join us at The Perfect Firm.

… If you’re dismayed that changes in our field could be threatening the prosperity of your practice;

… If you’re uncertain about the risks of commoditisation and the implications for your practice;

… If tired of continually working on process driven transactional work;

… If you’ve experienced any or all of these feelings, then…

The Perfect Firm is for you – for only $197.

100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

I really want you to join us at The Perfect Firm.

So that’s why I am going to stand by every word of this message, too – if by the end of the day you don’t feel your attendance at The Perfect Firm is worth at least 10 times your investment… if you don’t feel like you’ve been exposed to truly life changing information – just as I’ve promised – simply grab one of my team and ask for a refund.

Simple as that. No quibbles. And no fuss.

I can’t be any fairer than that.